Programs and Services

At Transitional Resources, our hope is that men and women living with serious and persistent mental illness who are homeless, incarcerated, or hospitalized make a successful transition into stable living in the community. Although the transition from homelessness can be challenging, TR has long believed in the ability of individuals living with mental illness to be successful, provided they are given adequate support. That begins with a roof over one’s head, as studies have shown that people are more responsive to mental health treatment and social services once they have experienced the safety and stability of permanent housing. Meaningful recovery cannot happen in jail or on the streets.

Our service model utilizes a team treatment approach designed to provide comprehensive, community-based psychiatric treatment, rehabilitation, and support. Teams are comprised of case managers, a peer support counselor, a nurse, a vocational specialist, an ARNP, and a psychiatrist. We meet each individual where they are, and we provide a continuum of care that allows people to stay with us: for many, that means beginning with our residential treatment before moving on to more independent living in the community, while still utilizing services at TR such as medication management and vocational training.

Each of our six primary programs integrate pioneering concepts that promote recovery and a better life for those with serious mental illness.


By offering such a wide range of services and intensive case management support, we are able to address any barriers to housing success that may arise. The easy accessibility of mental health staff, coupled with our informal support systems and our many health and wellness programs, increases clients’ ability to secure housing stability and long-term recovery.