Support TR

If you share our belief that all people—including those with serious mental illness—deserve to have decent housing, to feel needed and wanted, to be a part of community, to engage in meaningful activities, and to be a part of community, then please consider supporting our work.

There are so many ways that, together, we CAN make a difference. Because of friends like you, Transitional Resources is able to provide our clients safe and affordable housing, the support necessary to be successful, and the opportunity to return to work.

Here are ways that you can become involved with TR:

Transitional Resources is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Our tax ID number is 91-0967836.

When you make a donation directly to Transitional Resources, this is how your contribution helps us run our programs:

  • $1,000 could help subsidize 6 months’ rent to get someone off the streets and into permanent housing that provides the safety and security they need.
  • $500 could provide 20 hours of one-on-one counseling that will help someone lead a more meaningful life, despite the challenges of mental illness.
  • $250 could help an unemployed client create a job resume, practice interview skills, dress for success, and obtain paid work in our community.
  • $100 could help cover a month of equipment, supplies, and supervision for TR’s organic garden, producing food for our clients and for the West Seattle Food Bank.
  • $50 could provide a group with two hours of healing through creative art therapy.