Vocational Services

We highly value work, education, volunteer experiences, and involvement in other meaningful adult activities as important components of recovery.

Puget Sound Employment (PSE), our vocational program, leads clients toward the road to recovery by helping them find and maintain meaningful employment, volunteer experiences, or educational opportunities in the community. Transitional Resources is a vendor with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and is able to assist consumers throughout King County.

Vocational staff also work with employers to overcome barriers to employment and to reduce the stigma associated with employing those with mental illness. Clients are employed in both national and local companies, as well as with TR.  In addition, on-site training programs, including a janitorial crew and horticultural job training in the agency’s certified organic garden, have been offered at TR since the mid-1990s. For people with particularly challenging barriers to employment, on-site training opportunities offer a great way for clients to gain work experience while building an employment reference.

Employers seeking quality applicants: If you are looking for motivated employees with built-in, on-the-job support, let us help you. Qualified applicants are available.


For all inquiries, contact Amy Maxwell at (206) 883-2032 or amym@transitionalresources.org for more information.