Meet our newest staff members

With the addition of Avalon Place in 2011, Transitional Resources expanded its Supported Housing Program by nearly 20%, necessitating additional staff support.  In June of last year, Stacy Waters joined the team, focusing her efforts on helping Avalon Place tenants adjust to their new living environment after years of homelessness.  For Stacy, a typical day on the job is full of variety:  one minute, she’s helping  a tenant learn to grocery shop and manage a budget, and the next she’s  advocating on behalf of another so that he can access primary health care services for the first time in years.  As for Stacy’s favorite part of her work?  “I get to have an ongoing relationship with the clients,” she says. “To see them progress every day is really amazing.”  For many, joining the Avalon Place and TR community offers an opportunity to completely change their lives.  “My job,” Stacy says, “is to help them on their journey, no matter where they’re starting from.”

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