CPRS & Transitional Resources:

2021 Community Fundraising


You can make a difference today. By making a gift below, you are supporting Transitional Resources’ mission of creating better health, stable housing, and a community of support for people living with mental illness.
CPRS is offering a 1:1 match for employee contributions to TR so your gift will go further!


Check back here often for updates on the campaign and what you’re making possible!

For over 15 years, CPRS and its employees have been making an incredible impact on the work of Transitional Resources. We serve individuals who are living with serious mental illness, and who are typically living in a cycle of homelessness, hospitalization and incarceration. With the behavioral health services and supportive housing we provide, these folks are finding new beginnings each day.

Your past support has made these transformations possible. CPRS has been a champion for TR, providing funding to fill the gaps left in our budget so our clients can stay in treatment and off the streets. Because of your gifts, they have experienced thousands of days of safety and dignity.



You can learn more about Transitional Resources’ work:

Our most recent annual report

Past client stories

Where do your donations go?

In both 2020 and 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic has seriously disrupted TR’s usual operations. We need our friends at CPRS to know that Transitional Resources is still out here, providing the care that our clients need. And we need your support more than ever as we face down another year of canceled events, enhanced safety protocols and a brand new building. Like many organizations, the past year and a half has been extraordinarily challenging for us, and the support of the community has been critical to our continued operations. We are proud to say that TR has been able to support our clients throughout these challenges, keeping people safe and healthy. We are even opening the doors to a brand new building this fall to make more new beginnings possible. CPRS’s support during our annual fall fundraiser and for year-end holiday gifts for clients has been instrumental to TR, and we hope we can continue to count on your support.

Below you will see our self-guided virtual event, where you can learn more about what’s happening at TR, get inspired by client stories, and see where your support goes.


Embracing a Season of Change: TR’s 2021 Fundraising Event Program

View the Full Program on YouTube Now


Virtual Agenda:

A Welcome From Our CEO

Welcome remarks from our CEO, Darcell Slovek-Walker, with updates about our work this year;

Community Citizenship Award Presentation

An interview and Community Citizenship Award presentation with long-time Board Member, Charlene Robins;

Why Our Work Matters

A personal invitation for support from our Board Member, Heidi Wesley-Cleveland

View the full program here – it’s about a half an hour.

Only have a few minutes to get inspired? No problem. We’ve laid out a few program highlights to help you find the stories and info you are most interested in:

I’m new to TR, what should I know?

New to Transitional Resources and want to learn what we’re all about? Start here.

I want to hear from the clients.

Want to hear straight from our clients what TR has done for their lives? Start here.

More Ways You’ve Made a Difference

Highlights from past CPRS giving and your impact.