We are All in this Together: Resilient and United

September 20th, 2020: Welcome to our celebration of Resilience & Unity

Dear Friends,

I wish we were preparing to gather this week for our usual dinner and celebration of Transitional Resources’ work! This year has taught us all about adaptability, but I do miss our rituals and routines. I hope you’ll watch my video update above to hear a little about how we have adjusted course throughout our year.

I know we are all feeling a bit livestreamed-out at the moment, so our series will reach you via email (just once a week for the next four weeks) or at this page, which you can visit at your convenience. We will bring you client stories, updates about our work, and more, all centering around our theme, Resilient & United. This year has certainly had its challenges, but with that mantra inspired by the traits we see in our clients each day, we know our work will continue.

Like everyone, we have been profoundly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m so grateful for our incredible staff and clients, who have weathered every change with creativity and consistency. Because of their dedication, our work has continued without interruption, keeping our clients safe and well, and avoiding unnecessary and expensive crises that could have arisen.

Above all, I want you to know that we are here for our clients and for you, our community. The isolation and stress that this year has brought is causing a secondary mental health pandemic, and we must stay connected to overcome it. If you are struggling, please know that there is no shame in asking for help. If there is one bright spot to emerge from this year, I hope it is that we can eliminate stigma around seeking support.

I hope that you will participate along with our virtual event in the coming weeks. And of course, I invite you to make a gift to support our work. We always rely on donations to sustain our work, and our expenses have only increased this year in response to the constantly changing protocols. I hope that if you are able, you will consider donating so we can keep moving toward our vision, that everyone with a mental illness leads a safe and meaningful life.

Wishing you and yours safety and connection,

Darcell Slovek-Walker
CEO of Transitional Resources

P.S. I’m thrilled to share that our friends at CPRS are leading the community charge once again. They have committed $15,000 to a matching pool to DOUBLE your gifts of $350 or more during this event.

Make your gift now!

We asked the TR community how they’re staying connected and beating isolation. Here are a few of their best tips.

Don’t wait until you are feeling lonely to reach out to friends, make it a regular part of your day.
– Miriam, TR Board Member

It’s a time when everyone is feeling a little uncertain. If you need support, reach out for it, because it really is needed more than ever. Try to fill your day as much as you can.
– Joey, TR client

Trying to get outside! Even just a 30 minute walk can help anyone’s mental health and get those endorphins going. And it’s nice to call a loved one during that time too.
– Jen, TR’s nurse

Focus on something that isn’t going to change because of the pandemic – like reading, drawing, poetry – things that don’t require being around other people. Add things that make you feel as though you are in the company of others.
– Lacey, TR Case Manager

Find creative ways to express yourself and talk to family. I’ve been doing a lot of video calls right now. Know that you’re not alone – we’re all a little scared, but we’re all going to get through this together.
– Kirby, TR case manager

It’s totally normal to have days where you don’t feel productive. There are a lot of feelings and emotions in a pandemic, so it’s really hard to get up every day and be 100%. One thing that’s helped me is focusing on my hobbies, so I’ve been working on learning a new language, and practicing the piano.
– Charlotte, TR client

Pick up a hobby or two that was on your list. Something that you never got to because of commute, work, and family obligations. Make the most out of this work from home situation.
– Rahul, TR Board Member

We want to hear from you! Take our weekly survey so you can share your own advice, experiences and questions with the rest of our community.

What we’re reading, watching and listening to on these topics. Think of this as a our virtual cocktail hour catchall.

  • Grief and sadness are a normal part of life, especially in challenging time. Here’s a reflection on managing sadness from our friends at NAMI.
  • If you keep hearing about self-care, but don’t know what that really looks like: Self Care: More than  a Bubble Bath 
  • Did you know that September is Suicide Prevention Month? It’s more important than ever to reach out to folks who may be feeling isolated or depressed, so here’s a list of ways to start a conversation for your loved ones who always say “I’m fine.”
  • How is the pandemic going to change the landscape of mental health? Here’s one look.
  • We may be trapped on West Seattle Island, but it could be worse: The Magic of West Seattle.
  • Book club: Recommendations from the TR community. This week’s topic is mental health. Our board member Rachel recommends Postcards from the Edge, Carrie Fisher’s semi-autobiographical novel about addiction and treatment. Bonus: there’s a movie version starring Meryl Streep. TR staff member Emily recommends Maybe You Should Talk to Someonea touching and funny memoir of a therapist seeking therapy.

What have you been reading on the topics of mental health, homelessness, social justice or other topics? Let us know and your recommendation could be featured next week!


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You can make an even bigger impact by joining us as a Community Champion. 

Although we are disappointed not to be able to gather in person, we know you are incredibly passionate about TR and helping us through this unusual time. In lieu of inviting people to join you at your table at the dinner, we are making it possible for you to invite your friends, family and colleagues to participate via your own fundraising page. Whether inviting your own community to participate in our event, or directly fundraising on our behalf, your support as a Community Champion makes a big impact on our work.

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